WordPress Meetup – West Wales – Haverfordwest July 14th 2015

Haverfordwest WordPress Meetup Group

Haverfordwest WordPress Meetup Roch, GB 10 Webtimesavers This is a group for anyone interested in using WordPress for blogging or business. Depending on demand, meetings will be tailored to all skill levels and interests of those wh… Check out this Meetup Group → On the evening of the 14th July – I drove  down to my…

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Apologies We have been absent from these pages for quite some time – July 2015 update.

Both My wife and myself – along with our sons have had a pretty trying time since the end of February 2015 and it has taken its toll on our lives, businesses, work and health. Unfortunately that dreaded disease Cancer has taken my father – who despite giving all the appearance of being independent,extremely fit…

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Learning At Work Week 18th – 24th May 2015 (UK)

Learning at Work Week   This week is learning at work week – employers in the UK should be promoting all kinds of opportunities for their employees. Use the above link to get more information and register your interest. Of course many of you out there believe its the employers responsibility to provide training –…

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Code, Crime, Complexity: Analyzing software with forensic psychology

Adam Tornhill at TEDxTrondheim Published on Oct 22, 2014 This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Code city is corrupt with and hunting down the criminals can be a tough job. Adam Tornhill investigates the code with forensic psychology to find programming bugs.    

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WordPress 4.2.1 fixes a critial security vulnerability

Received a notification from WordPress that following on from WordPress 4.1.4  releases earlier in week . We were in receipt of many requests to update this week for WordPress, Plugins and Themes that were vulnerable to XSS. WordPress 4.2.1 is now available. This is a critical security release for all previous versions and WordPress strongly…

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Urgent Security Updates – WordPress Plugin and Theme Updates

Urgent Security Updates. For details follow this link… Security Fix related to ‘add_query_arg and remove_query_arg_usage As many of you will know there has been a frantic urgency regarding WordPress sites over the last few days – where many plugin creators and Theme creators have been urging site owners and webmasters to update their plugins, themes…

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RUCK Workshops – Really Useful Computer Knowledge – Wales 2014/2105

For two days last summer I attended my first real conference workshop for some time. Really Useful Computer Knowledge: RUCK workshops to upskill UK’s software development industry 25th and 26th June 2014 at Aberystwyth University United Kingdom I was reminded of this as there is a new one publicised on EventBrite and Software Alliance Wales…

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Trello – The Online Kanban Board – Part One

Post it cork board

This is what I used to be renowned for …. The Comments  I commonly used by others were ‘I can see that Ashley is deeply into something as out come the post it notes…Looks like trouble or something deeply interesting’  – Yes and the  Highlighter Pens, Cork Board and Sticky plastic tabs…. I must say…

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April 21 “Mobilegeddon” Is Coming – Are You Ready?

ashleyeatlycom mobile friendly

Google recently announced “Starting April 21 (2015) , we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.” This means that from April 21st 2015 Sites that previously gained ranking from existing SEO…

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Simple Task – It will take a minute – Thursday 1st April 2015


Today – I had a ‘quick’ request from Son to visit his website and add in some google analytics code – a simple enough job or so I thought. As I was extremely busy with other work over the last few months.. He instead used someone from eLance or oDesk or Fiverr to undertake a…

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